We are hiring!

Graduate Students

We are looking for highly-motivated graduate students to join our team.

To admitted PhD students and MS students: If you are interested in joining us or would simply like to know more about us, please email me at s.dong (AT) northeastern.edu. We would also love to learn more about your research interests, past academic experiences, and career goals.

To prospective PhD students: Please apply through Northeastern's Chemistry PhD program. You do not need my permission to apply. If you are interested in applying and would like to know more about us, you are welcome to email me as early as you see fit. You are strongly encouraged to apply by December 1.

We may be able to take Physics or Chemical Engineering graduate students. Please email me to confirm before you apply.

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students curious about research are always welcome to contact me.

We offer

  • An open-minded and supportive PI

  • Mentorship on your academic life

  • Support to achieve your career goals

  • Excellent training in a wide range of computational methods

  • Exciting and interdisciplinary science that push the boundaries

  • Excellent computing resources including state-of-the-art CPUs and GPUs

  • Opportunities to be involved in proposal writing to apply for other computing resources

  • Opportunities to collaborate with other top scientists around the world

  • Connections with industry in the Boston area

  • etc.

The list could go on. Please let us know if you have any questions!

We strive to build an open, inclusive, and supportive research/learning environment. We welcome new members of any race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, eligible age, or disability status.