Current Members


Second Group Meeting, March 2021

Postdoctoral Scholars


PhD Students


Master's Students

Zheyu Zhang

  • Major in Bioinformatics

  • Aim to use modeling and simulation methods to solve all biological problems on different scales.

  • Fun fact: I really like to build PCs for my friends.

Undergraduate Students

Janis Dong

  • Major in Biochemistry, Minor in Business

  • Eager to explore the mystery of chemistry and science to contribute more to the community. 

  • Fun Fact: I swam competitively for 8 years.

Nithin Chintala

  • Major in Biochemistry, Minor in Computer Science

  • I love the intersection of computer science and biochemistry and specifically the ability to make models to predict protein / drug interactions.

  • Fun fact: I have a black belt in Taekwondo!

Ryan Boyd

  • Major in Physics, Minors in Philosophy and Mathematics

  • I am interested in all kinds of scientific research, especially astronomy, astrophysics, and computational physics.

  • Hobbies: I love to play sports, especially basketball, as well as read and play videogames in my free time.